Saturday, May 26, 2007

VGA Planets, Battlefleet Gothic & 40K Mod

here we see a Planet Killer, enroute to Ultima Macharia.
the circles are Squat minefields.
the blue square is a jump gate.

VGA Planets - 40K Mod Screenshots

the opening menu to play the Chaos Forces in 40k Planets.

Warp Storms in Echo Quadrant

VGA Planets, the 40K Mod

an old game hacked into the 40th millenium

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Like a Train Wreck

4Ok Pregnancies

Guide to 4OK girls:
Sister, has black armor

Eldar, has white armor and pointy ears

Ork, has green skin

Marine, has blue armor

Necron, has green eyes and metal skin

Guard, has brown uniform

Chaos has red hair and skull medallion

Dark Eldar, has pointy ears and black armor

Tyranid, has red "hair" and freckles

Tau, has blue skin