Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Death-Benders ? There is No Such Thing

 The party gathers supplies and heads up to mountain village
of Blue Silk, to help with earth-quake.

on the way there, they are jumped by earth-kingdom bandit girls
who imply that there is something wrong with the avatar.

later the PCs are jumped by 3 lava golems.
who were animated by a short foreign death-bender,
who seems to be a Yemite.

sickeningly, the yemite can bend earth and fire at the same time,
but seems to do so via magic items, and has possibly sold his soul to do so.
he unleashed a devastating lava-contacts-water attack that sprayed everyone
with deadly fire shards.

found notebook of yemite mercenary.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Avatar - Airbender

the players visit  Taku Institute,
Asian Herbs
and met the Avatar last week,

but this week she tricks them
with an invite, to a "date" which
turns out to be a bending duel.

she wins, but the Boulder did actually
score an Intimidate on her.

Vash gave the Ninja Scroll to the Knowledge Foxes.

Chang learned more about his medical dog.

a servant comes to lead the players to a village up the road
that is suffering a plague after a recent earth0quake,

the players stock up on supplies and healing herbs
(they were at Taku, after all)  to help the survivors.