Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Thanks to everyone who helped:
long months of work have paid off.

The USA-50, Book of the West 
is in print finally.

A Super-Hero for every state in the Union, it's all we ask.





Thanks again to all who believed.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

avatar - last entry

I have lost my Ki Focus on Avatar, must finish next champions book. 

Thank you guys for playing, it was a blast.

Here's how things fell out "off-screen"

Events would lead your characters ever north-ward, to the land where the Laotians come from. You would find out how they got there disgusting powers, by "selling their soul to the devil"

You would run into Jan-Sun Bor-Un, an NPC of incredible age. He had almost died 300 years ago,

but his soul had been decanted into a vehicle by the Tinker Avatar. So he still lived on,
almost like  a dreadnaut from 4OK.  He would know the way to sneak into the Laotion capital city of Yem. And he would die to bring you this knowledge.

Three things would assail you in Yem: Ghosts, Snow-men, and Death-Benders.
  One of the snow men would actually be an evil Dragon, rather the ghost of one possessing an ice sculpture shaped like a dragon.

Narrowly defeating him leads to his "hoard" in which are bona-fide D&D style magic items.

the likes of Which you bender types had never really seen and could hardly comprehend.

Tracking down the source of these perversions of the spiritiual order leads to an enclave of aliens just on the far side of the
world.  There you would find a coven of Mercane, who had gotten lost spell-jamming, and found the bizarre Avatar sphere.

They decided to make a go of it here, and bring there way of life to this place.
They found the lesser cultures
(Laotians, Malay, Filipino, etc that live in the other hemisphere) who didn't have the bending arts were more than willing to sell anything: gold, daughters, master-work relics,diamonds, etc. to get there hands  on items from the Mercane that would  duplicate or surpass Bender's abilities.

You would have had to call in some favors, raise a small army, and still call in the Avatar
via Bob's forehead to defeat this base.

Even then, after the last Mercane had been killed, and the evil items broken, and the lesser peoples sent home,
the horror would not be over yet.

You would find the under-basement, defeat a few guardians, and come across
the Trap of the 5 Souls.
Being a type of mobius-pentagram, you'd have to defeat the guardians thereon (diabolic)
and find a few celestials, elementals, and a previous avatar trapped on the five spokes.

To free the Avatar (a missing one from 200 years, when the avatar cycle got "out of orrder")

one of you would have to leap full into the trap to swap places.

Only then could the trapped avatar go back to the astral plane, and really restore balance to the world.
  You guys would be heroes of legend and song from then on...