Monday, December 10, 2007

Clan Cave Brute - ODMS

Old Dominion Military Society
pic from 2007

Kill Teams - HISTORICON 2007

in the all-out blade-fest to the bitter end.

note the burning latrine to the right.

Kill Teams

The Marine Sergeant attempts to recover a Jokaero ATM card that was left jammed in a gas pump.

The Servo-Bot at the gas station just sees another intruder.

Kill Teams - Historicon O7

Imperial Beastmen try to flame down some Guardsmen who may have gone heretical.

Kill Teams at Historicon 2007

Imperial Guardsmen look on Marines blatantly steal an ATV.

Death Lord Necrodavis

Lord of the Necro-Dance.
(notice the burning tower to the left)


Reading Codex: Squats . . .

Kill Teams at Historicon 2007

"Distinguished Ancestor" of the Squats

Kill Teams at Historicon 2007

Necrons surge by, ignoring the obvious trap at Necro-Mart, as they hunt for Squats to purge.

Kill Teams at Historicon 2007

Squats try to Repair the charter bus so they can complete their Scouting mission.

Kill Teams at Historicon 2007

Overrun the Gas Station while Space Marines look for an easy path to deliver their message to HQ.