Friday, September 24, 2010

The Historian won't say Anything Dishonorable.


The team investigated the "earth-bending" bandits, and found some soldiers who served a nearby daimyo.   They had been victims of similar bandits, but there story was confusing and shamefilled. Still, the team visited the daimyo, and his chamberlain asked them to discreetly find the family Daisho, and return it dicreetly, no questions asked.

In their blundering, they found an abandoned ninja school underneath the castle, and it was infested with little peasants, an they had duped the 2nd son of the daimyo into the theft.

Regrettably all had to be killed, and the family historian, a mute, helped concoct a plausible story for the daimyo.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

League of Extraordinary Airbenders

Session One:

The players meet. They are all rising seniors at Shen-juku University at Pohuai.
Ventan and Vash took World History together.
Vash and Kang took Geography class together.
Chang and Vash took Arcane Studies course at same time.

All the characters are sons of noblemen who have been sent away to college.
They have this last summer to kill together.
Then classes next year, then they must face the harsh reality of real life.

Can Vash actually complete his doctorate, and gain the reputation he will need as a non-Water healer?

Will Ventan become his own man, or just have to rely on his noble Fire inheritances and lands to get by? (provided the paperwork clears up)

Can Chang overcome the dishonor of his Air past, and find an employer who will be interested in his crazy gadgets?

Will Kang continue on as the new Boulder, or will he have to earn a living with real work?

the guys learn about the campus and the town. and hear Local Rumors concerning:
  • Thefts from a noble estate.
  • Bandit Gangs.
  • Some peculiar bandits who may be renegade earth-benders.
Also they go to a tavern (Of the Mighty) and hear Global Rumors of:
  • Men who claim to be Death-Benders, if one can imagine such a thing.
  • Those who claim to be Light-Benders, which may be a very tall tale.
  • Northernors who tell of snow-men coming to life and walking about.
  • a nation composed entirely of light-skinned persons.
They listen to a bard perform some songs, but a girl with a poison dart gun
starts some trouble, which the boys finish up outside.

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