Thursday, July 31, 2008

USA 5O Family Portrait

Rare Error-Version

Massive USA Gallery, Superheroes of all 5O States

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Everyman, The Revenge

If that popinjay remains in town, Miss Maybelle at the grocery
shall not regard me again.

Silence, Dog !

Scooter Pit-stick

The players had formed a D&D adventuring group without a single spell caster. After their first disastrous adventure, they advertised in the local bars and taverns for a spell caster. But their reputations prohibited a serious respondent. They finally got contacted by Scooter Pitstick, a half-orc of some small reknown.
Being as he was the only applicant he got the job. Through their early journeys together, it came out that Scooter was on a one year quest - undertaking a vow of stupidity. He was not able to use his intellect to solve any problems, but had to go on instinct instead. He felt that he could best exhibit his disdain for reason by hiring on to the players. He was a reasonable spell caster, but never felt the need to cast spells in front of the players (they always had another way out, he felt). Until they were captured and imprisoned by dark elves.
When he was asked for help, he responded by saying Egg! What the hell? Oh, they figured out that he wanted an Egg (he did not speak common, and none of the players spoke Orc - adding to the hilarity). Once he got the egg, it turned out to be the material component for "stinking cloud", which Scooter used on the guards in order to escape the prison.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Prince Inspired Muses

Party Girl 99:

Crying Dove:

Cherry Moon:

Purple Rain

She walked in, and I woke up,
I'd never seen a pretty girl look so tough.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Everyman, Epsiode 13

How doth Quality of Life Evade Me ?

Captain Indiana


Egyptoid Strikes Again


Friday, July 11, 2008

Random Meta-Human Encounter Generator

Every GM needs the ability to generate a random Meta-Human encounter in most roleplaying games. This set of handy charts pre-supposes that the Meta-Human in question is capable of breakfall, Other than that, all details are determined from the following tables. Unless otherwise directed, determine a random character to be the focus of the encounter, and then roll once on each table, and let the good times happen.

Type of Meta-Human?

1. Micro-Meta-Human (1d6 inches tall), and 2-12 Meta-Humans arrive.
2. Normal Meta-Human, seemingly.
3. Normal Meta-Human, in Appearance, but intelligent and capable of speech
4. Brightly Colored Meta-Human, (1d6, 1 lime green; 2 hot pink; 3 electric blue; 4 shifting colors, 5 camo, 6 same as player)
5. Really Big Meta-Human (6d6 feet tall)
6. Humongous Meta-Human (8d6 hexes tall)

Whence comes the Meta-Human?

1. On the ground, near the player (random direction, 1d6 hexes away)
2. Tangled in the clothes of the character (1d6 - 1-3, pants or skirt; 4-5, shirt; 6 hat or hair)
3. Floating in the air, near the character's head
4. In a previously unscouted nearby terrain feature (thicket, pool, grating, fence, tree, hedgerow)
5. Appears in mid-air 12 hexes above the character, and falls on them
6. Meta-Human appears in a dimensional crack (random direction, 2d6 hexes away) and is driven towards the character by a servitor being to an elder god

Meta-Human Special Abilities

1. Burst into flame
2. Secretes special pheromones that will grant the ability to perform pleasing, artistic renditions of Atlantean Poetry and love ballads
3. Squirt acids that dissolve anything but glass and noble metals such as gold.
4. Emit psionic static that negates all thought, magic, mental powers, and free will within 10d6 hexes
5. Meta-Human will "gate" in 2 identical Meta-Humans every 4 phases, beginning on phase 8 after appearing. Additional Meta-Humans have this same ability, but all other attributes should be diced
6. Meta-Human has a glowing hair-bob, will attract any members of the opposite gender to the character wearing the hair-bob.


1. Escort the Meta-Human to the nearest salt water ocean, reward will be blessings from the priesthood of the high Atlantean church
2. Curse of the Were-Human - character has all limbs transformed into thumbless paws - they must defeat the Were-Human in man-to-Meta-Human combat in order to remove the curse
3. Meta-Human (and now his new friend, the character) are pursued by fanatical members of the anti-Meta-Human squad (bearing powerful weapons and abilities, and bent on the destruction of all Meta-Humans and their allies)
4. Meta-Human is the key to a dimensional portal that will EITHER be used by an elder god seeking to destroy reality, or the servitors of a promethean power that will help protect this dimension. Only the Meta-Human knows for sure.
5. The secret order of Atlantis knows of the Meta-Human's value in opening the lost temple of Dev'Menki-Dev'Mall in the Great Dismal Swamp. The Meta-Human must be kept alive.
6. No quest, the appearance of the Meta-Human is the random and capricious act of a harsh universe.