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Bench Transformers - D20 BESM Part 7

-->Built: Nexus Quail System
-8 on detection, 50 mile radus, 10 minute duration.
a system of drones that impair nexus emanations in a big area.
Found: Chamo-Armor Module
similar to an LCD paint job, but size of controlled field is unlimited.
========== ============
Found: Cybertron Scandium Tablet - Formula for Space Bridge – Drawback: one user
======== =====
Project: Grid Search Entire Peninsula looking everywhere for dead Transformers or sources of Nexus/Allspark Energy.
============= ====
Project: Repair Broad-Sides Drone Fleet, as all of his "Tomcats" have been lost or destroyed.
============ =====

Group of PCs; Klondike, Crowbar, Chessex, and Griffon: 
fought and captured the creature Kenworth Karnivore 
Notable quotes: "looks like someone Brought a tricorder to a gunfight".
 Chessex provided the escape route: 
      "I get to be the train, I get to be the train!!"
=========== ========

Pictured: a Tomcat (upper left), a Hobot in mech form, 
and a Hobot in disguise.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The USA-50 site,
as of 5th Edition;
can be found here

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bench Transformers - D20 BESM - Week Six

Family Portrait of the Bench Transformers crossing the pond. Clockwise: Griffon(chopper), Burgerama(bot-form), Pimpticon(thermal-bag), Klondike(van), Chessex(bot), Crowbar(tow), Incoming(MLRS), HRT(mech), Shredder(sedan), and they all stand on Broadside(carrier)

BROADSIDE, and KLONDIKE join up with some British SAS on tracking down a link to England. It seems another ancient backup source of Energon may have been secreted at Stonehenge. Strange creatures were reported and the incident immediately went classified.

SHREDDER and BURGERAMA go hand to hand with the Mystic Stone-Bots.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bench Transformers - D20 BESM - Week 5

NEWPORT NEWS VA: the Northwestern Quadrant of Jefferson Labs was destroyed today as a cryogenic explosion rocked the area, sending a mile wide cloud of sparkling fog into the sky. Traffic ground to a halt at 2:25 pm on Jeff. Ave, Oyster Point Blvd, Canon Blvd, only leaving Middle Ground Blvd as a risky means of leaving the area. Cars backed up to Oyster Point, Warwick Blvd, J Clyde, and the 256 exit of I-64.

Only 2 lives were lost, as warning sirens were issued in time.

From the Bench: GRIFFON, KLONDIKE, CROWBAR and CHESSEX were able to revive BROAD-SIDE the Senior Autobot. They also rescued SHREDDER from the Q-Energy Labs in the Octagon at Jeff.Labs. Broadside wondered if old Dr. Promezdin was still around, the man was a known Decepticon Sympathizer.

In the picture: our Autobots battle Feral Sparkticons. (the tiny animalistic beings that are created when Earth machinery is exposed to All-Spark energy without Transformer guidance.)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bench Transformers - D20 BESM - Week 4

Crowbar, Griffon, and Chessex gathered info on the banks of the James River, and determined the guards and movements of the Navy personnel amongst the ghost fleet.

What they didnt count on were the mercenaries from Black-Watch, working for BASF, who had survey equipment watching a particular pod of ships. The Auto-bots make a diving barge, and trudge out on the bottom to the ghost fleet. They use their nexus sensors to find Broad-Side's body jammed into the mud.

Navy squids fell for the barge decoy, and never found the team. Black watch got a lead, but lost the trail.

Crowbar, Griffon, Chessex, with Broadside laying down.
Barge in the fore-ground, speedboat on right.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where my Vomit At ?


attempt to rescue Gwen of Wal-Mart
from the mercs at BASF.

pulled Pimpticon's mission chips.

Then they track some nexus energy out to the Ghost Fleet, in the middle of the James River.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Don't Call the EPA, they're Also in on the Conspiracy

Bench Transformers:

The Gang: Griffon the News Van, HRT the Bus, and Chessex the Train; investigate the BASF factory for dirty goings-on. It was easy till Griffon got waylaid by a blob of toxic sludge.

He was using the nearby walmart parking lot to scope out the BASF lot. the whole area drains into a settlement/easement pond, so it gets the waste from both the factory and the distro center. One lady died and one was injured but the PCs killed the monster. So the fight stymied the investigation into the disappearance of Broad-Side .

Analysis of the samples revealed it was a combo of radiation, toxivore bacteria, and Nexus energy. Since the BASF factory "guards" also had a nexus lazer last week, there's dirty work afoot. Why has BASF branched out big into government contracts in the last year and a half?!?

PICTURE, left to right:
Griffon, the Toxic, the dead woman, Gwen from Wal-Mart, and HRT the Bus

Miss Gwen from Wal-Mart also disappeared after her arrest. Eerily, she was just a victim of the sludge attack, but was charged with embezzlement, released on bail, yet ended up in the van with the BASF "guards". Griffon bribed the tech admin at Wal-Mart to get the undoctored surveillance tape, which inadvertantly revealed that others were interested in the Transformers, or maybe the sludge.

Ongoing projects:
Analysis of the Nexus radios at PHF, tapping the traffic cameras, augmenting the regional traffic cameras, converting the captured Nexus Lazer into something useful.
Burgerama, Pimpticon, and Shredder are still casing the airport.
Griffon, Crow-Bar, and HRT will continue gathering info on BASF.
Klondike will do the science analysis at the base while Incoming guards and assists.
Chessex will be quietly digging an ingress tunnel into the BASF building, from the nearby rail-head at Lee Hall.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What's that Burning Stench ?

Bench Transformers,
Episode I


Another day on the Peninsula dawns with the Transformers hard at work. Picture: dousing a Chemical Blaze

Crow-Bar gets some old Ford Fairlanes to run again,
and Chessex hauls 120Ktons of coal from Richmond, and
near evening Griffon films a crime-rescue drama in downtown shipyard land.

Then on the way back to base, to post his video to sell to the news channels,
Griffon gets a burning, itching sensation on the back of his neck.

They find out they are implanted with a mission chip, which encourages their performance of their mission, which is to A) build up the base, B) remain hidden, C) perform jobs that build up supplies of money and goods and D) be loyal heroic Auto-Bots.

This is all well and good, but who made the chips and why were they put on our heroes ?
Only Griffon has had his removed so far.

They follow signals at NN/PHF, and find 2 jets there have been equipped with Nexus-Energy recording radios. The PCs steal the radio w/its drive and data.

they analyze data, and find out voices of 12 Auto-Bots. Yet only 9 Auto-Bots are locally known.

They investigate Blow Flats road. find Mercs who arent that intimidated by Auto-bots and have a Nexus-Energy laser.

Crow-Bar starts a Fight with teh Black-talon Mercs.
on the right in yellow is Chessex in his mole-drilling rig form

here's the Team Line-Up

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Miami Vice - Saturday Mornings on NBC - Coming This Fall

Crockett and Tubbs will again tool around South Florida looking for action this season.

Miami Vice: Freestylin
  • Saturday mornings at 10:00 am.

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Things Made, and Things Done

Intellectual Property isn't just for the Wealthy or the Legalistic.

Copyright protection arises automatically when an "original" work of authorship is "fixed" in a tangible medium of expression.

Registration with the Copyright Office is optional (but you have to register before you file an infringement suit, and registering early will make you eligible to receive attorney's fees and statutory damages in a future lawsuit).

Here's what "original" and "fixed" mean in copyright law:

Originality: A work is original in the copyright sense if it owes its origin to the author and was not copied from some preexisting work.

Fixation: A work is "fixed" when it is made "sufficiently permanent or stable to permit it to be perceived, reproduced, or otherwise communicated for a period of more than transitory duration." Even copying a computer program into RAM has been found to be of sufficient duration for it to be "fixed" (although some scholars and lawyers disagree with this conclusion).

Neither the "originality" requirement nor the "fixation" requirement is stringent. An author can "fix" words, for example, by writing them down, typing them on an old-fashioned typewriter, dictating them into a tape recorder, or entering them into a computer. A work can be original without being novel or unique.

Example: Betsy's book How to Lose Weight is original in the copyright sense so long as Betsy did not create her book by copying existing material - even if it's the millionth book to be written on the subject of weight loss.

Only minimal creativity is required to meet the originality requirement. No artistic merit or beauty is required.

A work can incorporate preexisting material and still be original. When preexisting material is incorporated into a new work, the copyright on the new work covers only the original material contributed by the author.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Chaos versus Marines: Historicon 09

The Southern Wing of the Chaos Fleet shadows the Comet Cohutex and sneaks into the Mallaverne System:

The sanctioned Imperial Rogue Trader Williphan defends Mallaverne IV:

The Northern Wing of the Chaos Fleet descends on Mallaverne at flank speed:

Commodore Richards flag ship, and the Marine Fleet arrive to relieve Mallaverne.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Space Marines versus Chaos

Gigantic Fleet Action!

Space Marines, Rogue Traders, and Imperial Navy

Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Trader.

Top to Bottom:
Admiral Krigbaum consults the book of armaments.

Admiral Davis determines just how screwed he really is.

Commandant Turnitsa, Admiral Krigbaum, and Commandant Borucki cheer on Commodore Richards.

Admiral Davis and Commodore Richards disagree sharply on the radius of the warp core explosions and their effects.

Commodore Richards verifies the awesome firepower of the Space Marine Battle Barge.

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Miniatures based on the heroes of USA-5O (LINK)
Click on a picture to see it expanded.

Miss Providence, GreenTech
Rhode Island, Vermont

Jersey Devil, Independence-1
New Jersey, Delaware

Granite, Bucherondeau
N.Hampshire, Maine

New York and Connecticut

USA 50 Miniatures

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Marvel Babies

for the Atari 2600

USA 5O - Book Progress

Well I commissioned the artist today for the Western Book of the USA-5O

She is Femme-Turk on Deviant-Art

and she does wowzers like her --->
(art is copy right FemmeTurk)

so she'll spruce up the generic illustrations like him:
even as nice as all the pix we made, the book will still need cover art and dressing up.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Res Hordestus Bellikonix

Hordes of the Things, Battle # 5829
of a series of Perhaps Dozens.

Lord Charles of Othernaught defended the Castle of the Lunar Outpost
from my Marauding Dwarven Steam Guild.

Note the mighty armada of Dwarvish Air-Boats

Red Shields on the Knights of the Lunar Empire, lately of Glorantha

This Battle yielded a victory for the loutish & swarthy Luner-mens

However, while the Dwarven Colonels were out playing the sport of Kings, a probing force of River-Men broached the Dwarven capital perimeter, putting the Air-Guild on Defense.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hordes Battle Secundus

The River-Men, with dashing blue uniforms and tridents, have assaulted the Dwarven Outpost of Onyx-on-Tyre.

Unfortunately for the Dwarven forces, the best air-troops and all the good guns were out in the field, so the air-rafts mustered in defense were no stronger than mere Flyers.

Crossbow bolts rained down like sour notes from a bad band, yet booted little versus most of the chainmail-clad River-men.

finally the Dwarven center was collapsing...

and yet the Dwarves defended Population: Tyre as the River-Men finally withdrew.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lord of the 4OK Rings


Tall: Gandalf, Legolas, Boromir, Aragorn

Not: Frodo, Pippin, Gimli, Sam, Meriadoc

Fellowship of the Imperium


back row: Goodgulf, Pepsie, Arrowroot
middle: Moxie, Spam, Bromosel
front row: Frito, Gimlet, Legolam

Runic Priest, Ratling Snipers, Space Marine Scout,
Squat Trooper, Eldar Ranger, Space Marine Sergeant.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Brick Muppet


that would be like a super-deformed Thing, right?

all for Kenny T.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Customized Miniatures - USA 5O

here's the Customized Miniatures, that have no paint on them yet.


click to enlarge pix

Rhode Island: Ms.Providence
& Vermont: GreenTech

want to see some of the painted ones?
or some of the gaming action ?
click here for more