Sunday, November 08, 2009

Bench Transformers - D20 BESM Part 7

-->Built: Nexus Quail System
-8 on detection, 50 mile radus, 10 minute duration.
a system of drones that impair nexus emanations in a big area.
Found: Chamo-Armor Module
similar to an LCD paint job, but size of controlled field is unlimited.
========== ============
Found: Cybertron Scandium Tablet - Formula for Space Bridge – Drawback: one user
======== =====
Project: Grid Search Entire Peninsula looking everywhere for dead Transformers or sources of Nexus/Allspark Energy.
============= ====
Project: Repair Broad-Sides Drone Fleet, as all of his "Tomcats" have been lost or destroyed.
============ =====

Group of PCs; Klondike, Crowbar, Chessex, and Griffon: 
fought and captured the creature Kenworth Karnivore 
Notable quotes: "looks like someone Brought a tricorder to a gunfight".
 Chessex provided the escape route: 
      "I get to be the train, I get to be the train!!"
=========== ========

Pictured: a Tomcat (upper left), a Hobot in mech form, 
and a Hobot in disguise.