Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The USA-50 site,
as of 5th Edition;
can be found here

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bench Transformers - D20 BESM - Week Six

Family Portrait of the Bench Transformers crossing the pond. Clockwise: Griffon(chopper), Burgerama(bot-form), Pimpticon(thermal-bag), Klondike(van), Chessex(bot), Crowbar(tow), Incoming(MLRS), HRT(mech), Shredder(sedan), and they all stand on Broadside(carrier)

BROADSIDE, and KLONDIKE join up with some British SAS on tracking down a link to England. It seems another ancient backup source of Energon may have been secreted at Stonehenge. Strange creatures were reported and the incident immediately went classified.

SHREDDER and BURGERAMA go hand to hand with the Mystic Stone-Bots.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bench Transformers - D20 BESM - Week 5

NEWPORT NEWS VA: the Northwestern Quadrant of Jefferson Labs was destroyed today as a cryogenic explosion rocked the area, sending a mile wide cloud of sparkling fog into the sky. Traffic ground to a halt at 2:25 pm on Jeff. Ave, Oyster Point Blvd, Canon Blvd, only leaving Middle Ground Blvd as a risky means of leaving the area. Cars backed up to Oyster Point, Warwick Blvd, J Clyde, and the 256 exit of I-64.

Only 2 lives were lost, as warning sirens were issued in time.

From the Bench: GRIFFON, KLONDIKE, CROWBAR and CHESSEX were able to revive BROAD-SIDE the Senior Autobot. They also rescued SHREDDER from the Q-Energy Labs in the Octagon at Jeff.Labs. Broadside wondered if old Dr. Promezdin was still around, the man was a known Decepticon Sympathizer.

In the picture: our Autobots battle Feral Sparkticons. (the tiny animalistic beings that are created when Earth machinery is exposed to All-Spark energy without Transformer guidance.)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bench Transformers - D20 BESM - Week 4

Crowbar, Griffon, and Chessex gathered info on the banks of the James River, and determined the guards and movements of the Navy personnel amongst the ghost fleet.

What they didnt count on were the mercenaries from Black-Watch, working for BASF, who had survey equipment watching a particular pod of ships. The Auto-bots make a diving barge, and trudge out on the bottom to the ghost fleet. They use their nexus sensors to find Broad-Side's body jammed into the mud.

Navy squids fell for the barge decoy, and never found the team. Black watch got a lead, but lost the trail.

Crowbar, Griffon, Chessex, with Broadside laying down.
Barge in the fore-ground, speedboat on right.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where my Vomit At ?


attempt to rescue Gwen of Wal-Mart
from the mercs at BASF.

pulled Pimpticon's mission chips.

Then they track some nexus energy out to the Ghost Fleet, in the middle of the James River.