Saturday, January 31, 2009

Family Portrait of the USA 50

The "Fifty" Champions of the Various States and Territories

USA 50 Family Album

from the Champions Project: HERE

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Go In Hot and Heavy

This map reminds me of my favorite Warhammer 4OK joke:
the EYE of TERROR is the gate to Chaos,
so it's a type of Khorne-Hole. 

Friday, January 23, 2009

USA 5O Convention After Action Report

The Opening Scene, where Green-Tech of Vermont discovers the murder victim, who led him onto huge cache of illegal booze. and for his trouble, gets ambushed by 2 plastic elementals.

Later analysis proved it to be pumpkin schnapps of all things.

USA 5O Convention After Action Report

In an Unrelated  Incident  (tm) some heroes have been on vacation in the deep woods of Tennesee. This group was Arkansas Traveller, WV Mountaineer, Fla. Seminole, and the Volunteer of course. They left their hunting to fight a forest fire and discovered two possessed ATV enthusiasts, trailing flames behind them on their crazy trek. After pummeling the kids unconscious, the spirits left the bodies, and manifested as some Candle-Mass, which is a type of fire elemental. Some CSI work revealed that one boys mother's name was Brigit, and the other mother's name was Bridget. Both boys listened to speed metal rock, and had no friends, not even knowing each other before today.

USA 5O Convention After Action Report

... In yet another strangely Unrelated  Incident  (tm), Green-Tech and Chicago Chief are following the "trail where it takes them" and in southern Illinois, they turn up a girl named Brigid who is manhandling cases of booze out of a gravesite. A Knight of Autumn Gate rises to defend her, and a fight ensues.

USA 5O Convention After Action Report

On the mean streets of Takoma Park, in an Unrelated Incident(tm), the D.C. Champion Represent foils a bank robbery by the Harvestor, a Halloween themed villain, whom it was not known he was active again.

USA 5O Convention After Action Report

Kitty Hawk from North Carolina, Doc Salem from Massachusetts, and Independence-1 from Delaware teamed up out on the Eastern Shore at an abandoned satellite base, but before they got any detective work done at all they (love them natural 18 fumbles)  were ambushed by a squad of the pumpkin headed warriors, the Knights of Autumn Gate. This incident was the first one which may have (preliminarily believed to be) related to others now that the USA-5O team members were actually using their cell-phones to tip each other off !!! 

the things we as GMS have to put up with....

USA 5O Convention After Gotterdammerung

Finally at a farm in western Virginia, all leads from the previous crimes indicated some dirty work was afoot out here in the Meadows of Dan. This led to a gigantic ragarok-style melee. The bad guys consisted of Harvestor, Samhain, and the Autumn Knight himself. Of course he was backed up by a whole platoon of his Gate Knights. 

Champions from the USA included Represent, Doc Salem, Independence-1, Green-Tech, Kitty Hawk, Arkansas Traveller, Chicago Chief, Volunteer and Virtus.

In a rare example of forward thinking by players: across the road in a snipers perch in a grain tower were Mountaineer and Seminole. (visible in the extreme foreground of this photo) Plus Doc Salem had summoned a giant Ant and an Angel to assist.

USA 5O Convention After Action Report

cue up the Enrico Morricone music.

USA 5O Mars-Con Sit-Rep.

close up of the battle line

each player ran two heroes and a copy of Represent.

USA 5O Mars-Con Report

Doc, Indep, Tech, Rep, and Trav.

Plus the Angel. 

Note the Winnebago of Doom, which the bad guy's followers (namely Brigit) used to do their dirty work.

USA 5O Convention After Action Report

the truly mad nature of these criminals (love those silver age morals) becomes evident in this photo. when they get there way, all holidays will be Halloween in practice.

Harvestor, the Magician of Candlemas.
Autumn Knight, Summoner of the Hallows.
Samhain, Master of the Night-fears.
and more KAGs than you can shake a wand at.

USA 5O Convention After Action Report

late in the battle, lots of heroes and villains are down. Harvestor calls in the Boss, the Leige-Lord of Halloween.

oh wait. its an illusion. Only the Chief made his Perception, saving the entire teams bacon. I did get GM props for using "Harvest Colors Cthulhu" as an in-scale miniature.

USA 5O Convention After Action Report

penultimately, when Harvestor finally fell down, the real boss showed up, GRAVE-WYRM, to claim the souls of the trio, sold to him by previous arrangment. Normally, who would stop a daemon lord from turning in a claim chit on something of little value that a scum-bag had pawned? Well he attempted to siphon energy off some unconscious heroes that were laying nearby, so while everyone soliloquized (evil GM: I didnt let players have recoveries unless they made a speech), plus we took a smoke break, as the day had been long since Vermont.  a new, final, fight started.

USA 5O Convention After Action Report

GRAVE-WYRM was the last of a long line of Halloween themed bad guys. he was a 600 point monstrosity with few weaknesses. However Doc Salem had his nemesis power: immunity to draconic powers, and guess where from the "Wyrm" portion of his name derives? Of course Doc wasnt immune to being beaten over the head with a Corvette.

Players included John D, Chuck T, Marcy D, Carol D, Kenny and the Craiginator. GM was Elliott the Insane. If you werent there, you really missed it. I just wish Steve Long had been there.  Mars-Con 2009, Williamsburg VA.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


post-game show.
The Good Guys have triumphed.

(L-R): Jordan Shorty, the Craiginator, Power-Mad, and the lovely ladies of the Audience. they were laughing so hard at us making up the reasons why things went the way they did.


Lights, Camera, Action!

the curtain went up on USUD the Game at MARS-CON in Virginia.
there will be a return Engagement at Williamsburg Muster in February.
Above see the Care Bear has put Godzilla and Chuck Norris Asleep. (Most Heinous)

your Game-Master Egyptoid, Mr. Jordan, and Mr. Power-Mad.
at right he's making sure Darth Vader has range to use the Jedi mind trick
to politely tell Bat-Man where he can stick his Entangler Gun.

Turtle to the Rescue

the turtle (tm) rushes up to heal one of the POWER RANGERS,
who has been singed by fire.



Godzilla, Chuck Norris, Hulk Hogan, Aaron Carter,
Optimus Prime, Robo-Cop, and Knight Rider, etc.



GMing USUD at Marscon 2009

David Lo Pan versus Optimus Prime

Lo Pan zaps Optimus

Friday, January 16, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ultimate Showdown Playtesting

from second session of playtesting Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.


Godzilla rampages down Warwick Blvd, and the Power Rangers have encircled Abe Lincoln in front of CNU.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny
playtesting session photos:

Pirate Captain Christopher Newport has just pulled Cop Killer Bullets out of an ammo box, and the Black Knight faces down Jackie Chan.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny Play-Testing Photos, with Craig and Chuck at Worlds Best....

Godzilla, still not Berzerk.
Optimus Prime, looking for Saruman the White.
Dalek, blocked by Smoke.
Samuel Jackson, yelling at Biff.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

it is with sad resignation I report to you that Batman has been killed. Foolishly he ignored Biff Tannen, the loser bully from Back to the Future,
and while Batman was looking for Saruman the White, Biff snuck his little 22 pistol up near the cowl and "capped the Caped Crusader like a bottle of Coke" to quote the inimitable Biff.


here's a screen shot of me putting together the finishing touches on the USA 50 first run adventure:

I'm making the standups for the District's hero, who can make 4 score & 7 copies of himself.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tribute to a Hero

To RW:
Hats off, gentleman, a genius...
Just like the Beast came back out of retirement, so too my painting maestro, (PM for short) do the job. almost all the minatures you see on the this blog were painted by him. Especially the Ultimate Destiny Series.
here's a picture of him...

Saturday, January 03, 2009

How I Spent My Winter Break


Shaquille ONeal, Aaron Carter, Chuck Norris, Blue Meanie, Robo-Cop, Black Knight, Abe Lincoln with Ak47.

Back Row: Bat Signal and Abe Lincoln (Post-Mortem)

Thursday, January 01, 2009