Monday, January 01, 2007

Tales of the Undeclined

Librarian Egyptoid contacted the Astropaths at Port Maw discovering how Zendagar had sealed their fate and that now the remaining companies would be hunted down as traitors! Zendagar had sent his supposed evidence to the High Lords of Terra declaring the Rad-Lords to be Arch-Hereticus, the mark of chaos upon them. The remaining Rad-Lords were outraged that this great crime could have been committed, let alone in the Emperor's name. While the fleet orbited the dead moon, the remaining company commanders and officers held council. After three days of discussion it was decided the only path open to the chapter was to discard the allegiance to the Imperium and fight in the Emperor's name as and where they chose. With the Imperium resorting to Exterminatus so quickly, it was clear whatever fabrication had been presented to the Inquisition had them totally convinced of the Rad-Lords as heretics. Zendagar and Egyptoid escaped to an Imperial hive-world.

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