Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Battle Beyonce the Stars

Orks and Eldar call temporary truce and charge the Imperials.
Imperial decides that Chaos is the less of three evils, and calls "parley" to Radiation.
Chaos angles to hard starboard to rendezvous with Empire.
Eldar dodges asteroids to hamper Empire.
Orks burn thrustas to gain center of Board.

Empire is hard engaged, Eldar is raked with fire, Orks driving strong.
Chaos has wisely (some say cowardly) skirted the sun to formate with Empire.

Empire becomes burned, Eldar is halved, Chaos has no guns,
and Ork prow armor has proved effective.

Transmissions intercepted from the Ork ships indicate that Ork Warlord Kregg usurped command from Olog-Phenix at the last minute, but that is usual for their foul kind.

Empire sends out life pods,
Eldar recovers his wounded,
Chaos ducks into Warp.

ORKS win the planet, with all that is implied.

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