Sunday, November 11, 2001

Ork Hordes Banners

Orkish Banners Edapted from old Citadel templates:

Translated from the Orkish:
We are as Tough as Dragons, We have Your Family Jewels,
You are recoiling onto your own codpiece, We have at least ONE EYE on you at all times.

Ork Banners 2 & 3:

Clan of the Cave Brute (top), and Clan Semper Pirates

Banner for the Wolf Riders of the Purple Sage

Four Generic Clan Ork Banners:

top to bottom:
Clan of Big Ones, Clan of Strong Ones, Clan of the Hackers, Clan Tech Support.

banner of Clan Two-Bull:

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chuck said...

hmmm, ungabunga approve of cow with two heads. Ungabunga call cow with two heads meatsa-meatsa. Meatsa-meatsa cow with two heads not have hole to make cave warmer piles. Meat from meatsa-meatsa cow with two heads taste twice as good with no cave warmer piles being lost.

Ungabunga maybe marry meatsa-meatsa. Make little Ungameatsa and Meatsabunga babies with no hole to make cave warmer piles.

Egyptoid said...

back off, fruit-bat.

the two-head cow is SAIKRED,
and ya just don't eat a cow like that.