Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Space Marines versus Chaos

Gigantic Fleet Action!

Space Marines, Rogue Traders, and Imperial Navy

Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Trader.

Top to Bottom:
Admiral Krigbaum consults the book of armaments.

Admiral Davis determines just how screwed he really is.

Commandant Turnitsa, Admiral Krigbaum, and Commandant Borucki cheer on Commodore Richards.

Admiral Davis and Commodore Richards disagree sharply on the radius of the warp core explosions and their effects.

Commodore Richards verifies the awesome firepower of the Space Marine Battle Barge.

1 comment:

chuck said...

Help us Commodore Davis - you are our only hope!

The guys had a Guns of August meeting last night, and we want to know if you (either alone or with Will or Jack or someone helping) will put on a big Battlefleet Gothic event (either a big game, or a mini-campaign, or a short tournament)?

Also, consider this is Justin singing in public

Just kidding about that last part, the part about BFG is serious.