Sunday, June 06, 2010

Philosophical Question


Map Split Decision

With Fifty State Heroes, the work has to be split into three books. The brown portion on both maps has been done. That's the USA-50 West. So for the 2 coming books, I wonder which way should they be divided?

The top map shows West, South, and North-East.

The bottom map looks at a West, Central, and East split.

What do you think ?


chuck said...

I think that the top map may represent how people would split up the campaign for cultural/gaming purposes better than the bottom map.

John Desmarais said...

I think I agree with Chuck. People tend to think of the regions of the US as the North, the South, and the West.

Michael said...

I think the top map works better culturally, too...although I don't think people in Nebraska and Kansas would consider themselves Southerners. Missouri, at least, has the historical background (Missouri Compromise), but KS and NE fit better with the northern states.