Friday, October 15, 2010

Even the Avatar Can Botch a Bending Skill Check


Our heroes cleaned up the mess at Cape Cod castle, and reported their finds to Lord Kunemura, since it was his vassal who had fallen prey to the neko-mata spirit.

From the monk at the nearby temple, they gathered that gross dishonor somehow leads to extreme bad karma, which invites bad visitations from the spirit worlds.

Chang had recovered a mecha-dog from the wreckage of the castle, (his Flunky activating in BESM) and had found a mystic scroll in it, possibly a deed? and found that it had a "Ki Wheel" which was drained of power. He fixed all the mechanical bits he could find on it,
but it still did not activate, even though he had restored it completely. Apparently it needed energy from Air and Earth bending to come alive.

Escaping all the red tape, girl trouble, and unwanted attentions, the group goes up the road to Gai-Pan Town, renowned for its military heritage, mercenaries, and martial history. They are looking for an air-bender, and can't find one, since the trade route, where Air Nomads visit, goes on the west coast, near Earth-Port.

The court jester (of the duke of Gai-pan) latches onto the PC party, and follows them all over the city, crafting stories based on their exploits. She deems them dull, and barely worthy of her time. Most nobles have such
excellent fodder, and these "good guys" generate no buzz whatsoever. Boring!

They find  no air-bender, and no leads on adventures, so they decided to carry the report (with Karon the Water-Bender) to the Avatar, since she isjust up the road at Taku Institute.

After meeting a rogue (ignored)  on the road, they escaped a stampede of komodo-rhinos, and cruised on into Taku.

The town has been restored since the wars, and the gardens refertilized, and an academy of herbalism established.  In a large but simply decorated manor is where  the Avatar Ren-Zoni resides. The PCs are given a room, and they gather all their thoughts on paper, and get cleaned up for an appointment with her tomorrow.

The meeting goes well enough, and Ren-zoni looks deep into all their minds, as she is quite insightful, as well as being an energy bender (who looks into minds).

They analyze what they have seen, and she adds that such spiritual incidents seem to be on the rise.  What the party needs is direction, a "senior project" if you will. What the Avatar needs is a another set of eyes, and a homing signal for her astral projection.

As it comes about, Chang has the most receptive mind for such things, and she crafts a gold and jade ring for him to wear. And she energy bends his mind just a touch, and from now on, he stands out as a beacon for her in the spiritual realm.

If they run into a matter that the avatar needs to interven upon, they can call her, and she can quickly travel through the spirit realm to their location.

Chang gives the herbs they found on adventure one to the Avatar, a rich gift. He asks her to look at the ki wheel. It is an artifact from 1400 years ago, crafted by that avatar (Trung-Trong). She doesn't know how to activate it, but she calls up a previous avatar, but gets the wrong one. She accidentally calls up ARIN-JAYA the Warlord of Ice, and he wreaks a little havoc before he settles down to answer their questions.

He tells them that the spirit realm is vast, and there's little limits on the uncleanness, but those who are clean are limited. But he does empower the ki wheel, earth-bending and air-bending simultaneously onto the gear.

He leaves, and the current Avatar wakes up, and all the furnishings are damaged by ice and cold.

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