Friday, December 16, 2011

Forward to the Future   That's my new motto.

After long preparation for Hordes of the Things, I found out that one of my favorite players of the game has no further desire to hang out with me anymore. I can understand that, but not understand why he couldn't be honest about it, or told me before I did all the work. But I shall look on the bright side, somewhere somehow, people that like HOTT will show up and I'll get to use these new armies somehow.


Also in my D&D campaign I had to sack the whole thing.
I had seven players, and five of them were unable to be polite during the game.
  • one talks quite a bit about other miniatures games during RPG time.
  • one cannot silence his cell phone or stay off of it. Which I could understand if he were a doctor or had a life; but he does not.
  • one cannot help but contradict me and correct me on the rules.
  • one cannot show up on time, or stay awake
  • one cannot quit playing other video games or music during RPG time.
At some juncture a tipping point was reached, and the signal-to-noise ratio  grew too lopsided, and I disbanded the weekly game.
But I remain positive. Somehow somewhere there are people who can politely join in a gaming group.

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