Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vote for Chapter

Choose Space Marine Colors!
  • Legion of the Damned
  • Mentor Legion
  • Raptor Legion
  • Fire Hawks
  • Death-Watch
  • Omega Chapter
  • Vengeance Knights
  • Lupercal Knights
  • Gold Legion
  • Mortifactors
  • Brotherhood of a Thousand
  • Rogue Trader Field Police  (here)
Pick one on the RPG net forum, please. I've got some old marines, some beakies, and I can't decide what scheme to have them painted for chapter colors. Of the thousands of chapters, I narrowed it down to these 12.

For my marines I want either a striking look, or a chapter idea that I like. I don't want any of the usual Ultra-Wolves or Raven-Scars run-of-the-mill garbage.  I already made up my own Chaos Chapter, so I want to have an existing one for my marines.
Legion of the Damned: the undead marines.
Mentor Legion: the high-tech marines.
Raptor Legion: in their original colors (White Dwarf 101)
Fire Hawks: in their original colors (1st edition)
Death-Watch:  love these guys after we played the RPG
Omega Chapter: fan chapter I like.
Vengeance Knights: aka Phoenix Knights. cool fan story bro.
Lupercal Knights: fan chapter, cool colors.
Gold Legion: fan-based "Gold Two"
Mortifactors: ancient chapter since like first edition
Brotherhood of a Thousand: love the name
Rogue Trader Field Police: kickin it old school.

What say you?                  Poll is Here

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