Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Your Horoscope for Today


Avoid the Belis Corona Sector this month. Warp Storms are your ally. With Mars ascendant, that means you should take it easy on the summonings for next week. Change is imminent, yet unavoidable, and smile when it comes your way.


Don't hire any new mercenaries this week. Strong currents make the Cadian Gate seem welcoming, but don't go. There are no free rides, and this month prophets will be down.


If you take no risks, you get no landings. Race the Battlefleet now and take the last week of the month on easy street. Your enemies in the Solarian sector are taking a rest, and that's serious as cancer. Bakka and Ryza will well up as an obvious refuge, but stay canny.


Surefire misery awaits those who stay bound up with hesitation all this week. Interesting commanders should make interesting plans. And next month, Tau and Vespids and those big sweaty Kroot can all play along, but only if they say pretty please. Don't let the Necromunda thing go to your head, loverboy.

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