Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Everyman, Episode Four

Tip for this fall season: Azure is the new Chainmail !

Our color density now exceeds our century number by four.


chuck said...

Intimidation: This is a talent for bending people to your will by scaring the living daylights out of them. NPCs who are intimidated are quite likely to do what they're told, out of fear. On the negative side, they are also very likely to harbor much resentment against the character that intimidates them. The NPCs will keep their resentment hidden-until the first chance to avenge their pride arises.
Intimidation may be attempted with one of two abilities: Strength or Charisma. If Strength is used, the thief is threatening immediate, personal bodily harm. If Charisma is used, the intimidation consists of more subtle threats, which need not be physical. If successful, the NPC is convinced that the thief is ready and capable of making his life miserable-if not immediately, then in the near future.
Player characters are never forced to submit to intimidation, as this would detract from the players' freedom to role-play.

biscuiteater said...

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