Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Scooter Pit-stick

The players had formed a D&D adventuring group without a single spell caster. After their first disastrous adventure, they advertised in the local bars and taverns for a spell caster. But their reputations prohibited a serious respondent. They finally got contacted by Scooter Pitstick, a half-orc of some small reknown.
Being as he was the only applicant he got the job. Through their early journeys together, it came out that Scooter was on a one year quest - undertaking a vow of stupidity. He was not able to use his intellect to solve any problems, but had to go on instinct instead. He felt that he could best exhibit his disdain for reason by hiring on to the players. He was a reasonable spell caster, but never felt the need to cast spells in front of the players (they always had another way out, he felt). Until they were captured and imprisoned by dark elves.
When he was asked for help, he responded by saying Egg! What the hell? Oh, they figured out that he wanted an Egg (he did not speak common, and none of the players spoke Orc - adding to the hilarity). Once he got the egg, it turned out to be the material component for "stinking cloud", which Scooter used on the guards in order to escape the prison.


Anonymous said...

Not true!
1. Scooter was in fact a quarter-ork who spoke common.
2. Scooter was an exteme multi-class (3 to 5 classes), and was a devote worshopper of "The Great Egg".
3. The group was varied in size, depending upon the gaming location; however, there were always several elf/half-elf multi-class spellcasters, and one human magician with a moustache. There was a rumor that the moustache was actually a familiar.

Egyptoid said...

if you hadnt mentioned mustache, you might have gotten away with your claims,
but I know its you, Great White Hunter.

Egyptoid said...

plus, while we're criticising my take on the Pitstick saga, there seems to be one big factoid you've missed:

how did I form my memories of Scooter ?

there's bigger holes in my story than the stats on his sheet.

the great and wonderful od said...

The ministry of post-apocalyptic retro-history reinvention has spoken.

But I believe that commenter number 1 has some facts of the tale correct.

-the great and wonderful od

Egyptoid said...

perhaps even worse than the Great White Hunter, perhaps anonymous was the Litiginous Tricksy Barrister.

Anonymous said...

Come out!

We know who or what you are!