Sunday, April 01, 2007

40K RPG Story Thus Far . . .

Our heroes killed the rampant Xeno-Blob on the Necromunda Liner.

The rat-man Bouncer stole a priceless pre-Heresy artifact. (1 of the 4 Icons)

the group fought off a corrupt post-master on the Inquisition planet Beta Westar.

(Cordell, Mont-Ka, Bouncer, and Ka-Tappa)
(navigator, gunner, scoundrel, and repairman)

Our heroes scouted around for their spaceship, and found it at the South Pole of B.Westar,
and killed off the reptazoid aliens inhabiting the canyon thereabouts.

They pulled the spaceship from the ruins, and it was an ancient Thunderhawk, Mark 2. but it had been looted by Orks and completely refit for their needs. So it had a rear-firing Traktor Kannon, and an Orky Machine Spirit named Trapper. Our heroes fought off some chaotic pirates while they repaired the STRAIGHT FLUSH, which the craft is named.

One of the side effects of the Traktor Kannon, is that it leaves a tiny but temporary gravity warp at its point of effect. This plays merry hell with spaceships that may be pursuing the Straight Flush "throo de cosmos". Also rare is a warp-capable Thunder Hawk. plus the Traktor can be rigged as a tow-bar, to quintuple the cargo capacity of the ship.

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