Monday, April 30, 2007

Sad Story of Death and Loss

Well my laptop got stolen . . . Thus blogging and other related important activities have gone poo-poo. I had backups of 90% of what was on my laptop, but its that 5% left over that gets ya. Also my digi-cam was in the bag, so my photo-blogging will take a big hit also. However, since I'm getting a new laptop, I'm getting a great one. This baby will have the sys-reqs to handle Dawn of War on it.
Now I'll have Necrons THREE different ways: BFG, 40K, and cyber-spacBEZZARCH !! AUAAAUAUUAGHGGHH!!sorry for that. The Necron Lord just shot me with his power-staff, and in a voice as cold as space he reminds me that no-one uses the term "cyber-space" any more, don't be a fool.

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