Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bench Transformers - D20 BESM - Week Six

Family Portrait of the Bench Transformers crossing the pond. Clockwise: Griffon(chopper), Burgerama(bot-form), Pimpticon(thermal-bag), Klondike(van), Chessex(bot), Crowbar(tow), Incoming(MLRS), HRT(mech), Shredder(sedan), and they all stand on Broadside(carrier)

BROADSIDE, and KLONDIKE join up with some British SAS on tracking down a link to England. It seems another ancient backup source of Energon may have been secreted at Stonehenge. Strange creatures were reported and the incident immediately went classified.

SHREDDER and BURGERAMA go hand to hand with the Mystic Stone-Bots.

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chuck said...

Hordicons from Theta Ionis - ATTACK!!