Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bench Transformers - D20 BESM - Week 5

NEWPORT NEWS VA: the Northwestern Quadrant of Jefferson Labs was destroyed today as a cryogenic explosion rocked the area, sending a mile wide cloud of sparkling fog into the sky. Traffic ground to a halt at 2:25 pm on Jeff. Ave, Oyster Point Blvd, Canon Blvd, only leaving Middle Ground Blvd as a risky means of leaving the area. Cars backed up to Oyster Point, Warwick Blvd, J Clyde, and the 256 exit of I-64.

Only 2 lives were lost, as warning sirens were issued in time.

From the Bench: GRIFFON, KLONDIKE, CROWBAR and CHESSEX were able to revive BROAD-SIDE the Senior Autobot. They also rescued SHREDDER from the Q-Energy Labs in the Octagon at Jeff.Labs. Broadside wondered if old Dr. Promezdin was still around, the man was a known Decepticon Sympathizer.

In the picture: our Autobots battle Feral Sparkticons. (the tiny animalistic beings that are created when Earth machinery is exposed to All-Spark energy without Transformer guidance.)

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