Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bench Transformers - D20 BESM - Week 4

Crowbar, Griffon, and Chessex gathered info on the banks of the James River, and determined the guards and movements of the Navy personnel amongst the ghost fleet.

What they didnt count on were the mercenaries from Black-Watch, working for BASF, who had survey equipment watching a particular pod of ships. The Auto-bots make a diving barge, and trudge out on the bottom to the ghost fleet. They use their nexus sensors to find Broad-Side's body jammed into the mud.

Navy squids fell for the barge decoy, and never found the team. Black watch got a lead, but lost the trail.

Crowbar, Griffon, Chessex, with Broadside laying down.
Barge in the fore-ground, speedboat on right.

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