Saturday, April 28, 2012

How do I shot Kraken ?


“How Do I Shot Kraken?” is a popular catchphrase paired with an image of Lady Rogue Trader Armengarde, that is typically used in vox conversations to poke fun at a newbie's behavior.


The original image panel was first published in a 41184 issue of The Koronus Gazetteer, with Armengarde appearing in a promotional page asking for Adeptus  feedback on advertisements.  There are conflicting reports regarding the birth of “how do I shot Kraken?”, but numerous reference materials point to Ad-Mech forums’s “tech-lords-only”  server as the earliest known site of origin. According to firsthand accounts, it was originally quoted during a round of Imperial Selection, wherein the K-Nib enemies’ primary choice of weapon was shooting spider-webs. Out of sheer frustration, a newbie apprentice repeatedly asked “how do i shot Kraken?” in Low Gothic, which presumably meant “How Do I Shoot the Kraken.”  The earliest Crew-Tube sighting of the phrase was reported as early as  41203.


This grammatically strange phrase initially spread as an in-joke among Genetor  users who frequented the Xeno-Lore section, but reached across the boards on Tech-Heterocity, eventually reaching the Tech-Chan Board, where an image macro of Armengarde saying the phrase spawned hundreds of other pictures containing the phrase.


None. Apparently no Ad-Mech has had the courage or need to bring this to Armengarde's attention, and they, as in-jokes. remain on vox networks where presumably she does not look.

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