Monday, April 16, 2012

Values for Rogue Trader Units in 40K-RPG

Here's my followup work. I've corrected some of the math from previous ideas, so the 2 proceeding pictures should be considered beta previews. The data is for average baseline units, except the last few rows of specials.  This sheet can be quickly copied and modded to make Elites, Low-Tech, or what have you. The book says there are no low-tech Heavy Armor or Titans, but I've seen both Gargants and Wild Wild West, so I'm going to allow them. I'm also taking the suggestion that Anti-Air units (AK-AK) do half damage when forced into regular combat, and expanding that to say that Titans can also screen like AK-AK.

The data is from Battlefleet Koronus by FFG, for their quickie representation of mass combat in 40K style.

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