Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Our Story Thus Far - the 40K RPG weekly Recap

Necromunda Bar fight - Ogryn versus Arbites (guy musta been crazy to hide here)

More Bar Fight - Crazy Surfer with a briefcase.

Yet Another Bar Fight - Is that a Zoanthrope by the kitchen ? (Illusion!)

The Dark Eldar Chap has a business proposal. (and a suitcase full of meth)

Subtyranian Terranids: maybe Subterranean Tyranids, plus a Statue of Saint Jervis.

Cutthroats want a piece of the Action, and bilking House Cawdor.

Ratskin Rescue Part One (Crush'em with the air-truck, eh?)

Ratskin Rescue Part Two (Hey mister, Have you seen a Treasure ?)

Cuff the Xeno Girl, and mind the Hostage Robot, please!

Trade the Xeno Girl to the Inquisition, and get a favor from House Helmawr.

Join up with Helmawr, and Fight off some scum-bags looking to steal non-existant starship.

Pilot the Luxury Liner from Necromunda to an outie station, for Contessa Helmawr.

Figure out who's the scumbag on the Liner, and kill that xenoblob, willya please ?

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