Friday, February 09, 2007


WARHAMMER 40K the Role-Playing Game

D20 Future Based, from France ! Crew Roster

Player, Race, Class, Name, Job

Bob, Ogryn, Soldier, Bruno Brutesquad, the Muscle

Chris G., Tau, Scout, Mont-Ka, Recon & Gunner

Leo, Human, Tech Spec., Dakota, Doctor

NPC, Robot, Diplomat, Gloria, Singer - Assistant

Leigh, Hrud/Skaven, Psychic, Deacon Bouncer, Rat-of-all-trades (psyker, thief)

NPC, Dark-Eldar, Techno, Zendagar, Pharmacist, Chemist

Craig, Human, Psionic, Cordell Dehelmawr, Navigator & Pilot

PJ, Tau, Tech.Spec., Ka-Tappa, Alien Engineer

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