Friday, January 23, 2009

USA 5O Convention After Action Report

penultimately, when Harvestor finally fell down, the real boss showed up, GRAVE-WYRM, to claim the souls of the trio, sold to him by previous arrangment. Normally, who would stop a daemon lord from turning in a claim chit on something of little value that a scum-bag had pawned? Well he attempted to siphon energy off some unconscious heroes that were laying nearby, so while everyone soliloquized (evil GM: I didnt let players have recoveries unless they made a speech), plus we took a smoke break, as the day had been long since Vermont.  a new, final, fight started.

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chuck said...

"Not while the love of American Liberty runs through my veins, and free air fills my lungs - not while I and my Brethren have the strength to stop you - not while all of Heaven looks down with scorn on your misdeeds!"

it was a good soliloquip.