Friday, January 23, 2009

USA 5O Convention After Action Report

In an Unrelated  Incident  (tm) some heroes have been on vacation in the deep woods of Tennesee. This group was Arkansas Traveller, WV Mountaineer, Fla. Seminole, and the Volunteer of course. They left their hunting to fight a forest fire and discovered two possessed ATV enthusiasts, trailing flames behind them on their crazy trek. After pummeling the kids unconscious, the spirits left the bodies, and manifested as some Candle-Mass, which is a type of fire elemental. Some CSI work revealed that one boys mother's name was Brigit, and the other mother's name was Bridget. Both boys listened to speed metal rock, and had no friends, not even knowing each other before today.

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chuck said...

Mountaneer! Feel the points, feel em get strong!