Friday, January 23, 2009

USA 5O Convention After Gotterdammerung

Finally at a farm in western Virginia, all leads from the previous crimes indicated some dirty work was afoot out here in the Meadows of Dan. This led to a gigantic ragarok-style melee. The bad guys consisted of Harvestor, Samhain, and the Autumn Knight himself. Of course he was backed up by a whole platoon of his Gate Knights. 

Champions from the USA included Represent, Doc Salem, Independence-1, Green-Tech, Kitty Hawk, Arkansas Traveller, Chicago Chief, Volunteer and Virtus.

In a rare example of forward thinking by players: across the road in a snipers perch in a grain tower were Mountaineer and Seminole. (visible in the extreme foreground of this photo) Plus Doc Salem had summoned a giant Ant and an Angel to assist.

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