Friday, January 23, 2009

USA 5O Convention After Action Report

GRAVE-WYRM was the last of a long line of Halloween themed bad guys. he was a 600 point monstrosity with few weaknesses. However Doc Salem had his nemesis power: immunity to draconic powers, and guess where from the "Wyrm" portion of his name derives? Of course Doc wasnt immune to being beaten over the head with a Corvette.

Players included John D, Chuck T, Marcy D, Carol D, Kenny and the Craiginator. GM was Elliott the Insane. If you werent there, you really missed it. I just wish Steve Long had been there.  Mars-Con 2009, Williamsburg VA.

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chuck said...

Grave Wyrm is weak, small and puny. The USA-50 hardly cared if he was there.